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How To Publish Now

Please excuse my absence these last eight weeks. I digressed from writing short stories to research digital publishers to determine who was offering the most affordable and effective Print on Demand (POD) publishing services. Midway through my research, I concluded that the subject was worthy of a book in order to share my findings with other writers.

The results of my efforts is How To Publish Now.

In brief, How To Publish Now:

*Demonstrates how to prepare your manuscript for publication.
*Demonstrates how to publish efficiently at minimal cost.
*Reviews over 25 digital publishers that specialize in self-published books.
*Reviews the costs involved for editing, proof reading, cover design, and publication.
*Recommends how to select a suitable publisher based on the services offered and the costs involved by comparing the leading publishers.
*Compares the costs and benefits of those services.
*Alerts you about the services to avoid.
*Suggests appropriate publishers for your book.
*Shows how to utilize social media and the Internet to market your book.

A necessary book for:

*Unpublished authors with a manuscript ready for publication.
*Unpublished authors whose agent cannot find a publisher for your project.
*Published Authors with out-of-print books who want to reissue their book.
*Published Authors whose publisher is not interested in their latest project.

Available in book or eBook format at www.CreateSpace.com/5609309 and www.Amazon.com
U.S. retail price is $11.99 in book format and $2.99 on Kindle in eBook format.
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