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Dogs on the Subway - Hatrick's Dog

In today’s New York Times at: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/12/nyregion/does-that-mutt-have-a-metrocard-subway-riders-are-divided-on-dogs.html?_r=0 there is an interesting story about dogs, contrary to the law, riding on the New York Subway system.

I share with you a story from Moments of Truth, my memoir in short stories, about the late Tommy Murphy, a gritty New York character, who took to the subway with a dog he would end up kidnapping for a small cash ransom to satisfy his thirst for beer.

Hatrick’s Dog

One Friday later that summer (1954), Tommy (Murphy) finished up on the docks in mid-morning and headed back to Queens. Shortly after 11:00 o’clock he stopped in Hatrick’s, a popular bar on 48th Street and Broadway across the street from the east entrance of the 46th Street subway station. Bill Hatrick was a powerfully built and good-natured man, who easily handled trouble whenever it developed in his establishment. Tommy was the only customer that morning, enjoying his first of many drinks that day, when the liquor salesman arrived.  Read More 
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