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Mother's Day

I get mixed emotions on Mother’s Day, the due date of my birth, which actually came a week later in 1937. To use an old New York expression, Mother was one “tough cookie.” Orphaned as a young girl, she and her sister Anne were raised by her aunt Lilly, who was also raising two daughters of her own of the same age.

Lilly, a widow, was also working as a waitress to feed and clothe the four girls. Mother fought hard for everything she ever attained, and she attained much, except for love, which she never got and therefore could never pass on. She was hot and cold, often stern and sometimes tender, and hard to please. Her one constant was her strong will and determination that she passed on to me. The following incident, which appears in my 2014 book, "Moments of Truth," occurred around Mother’s Day in 1956, illustrates her determination.  Read More 
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