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The print and eBook versions of the 2021 Edition of How To Publish Now is a must read for new authors and established authors who desire to control their work and publish efficiently and expeditiously at minimal costs.


     The new edition covers over 30 Print on Demand (POD) publishers, which are reviewed and rated.  Writers are shown how to select the right publisher and are provided advice on using social media and the Internet to market their book.


     The updated analysis of the POD publishing world notes the significant industry changes in recent years including the rise of KDP, Amazon's free publishing arm, and the efforts of the remaining old-line publishers, led by Penguin Random House, to increase their share of the estimated two million self or independent titles expected to be published in 2021.  


     New authors learn how to professionally prepare their manuscripts for publication, and with more experienced authors, they are informed of the costs involved to publish, the services offered, including the unnecessary and costly services and marketing scams to avoid – some costing upwards of $15,000.


The 2021 Edition of How To Publish Now is a necessary book for:


ü  Unpublished authors with a manuscript ready for publication.

ü  Unpublished authors whose agent cannot find a publisher for their project.

ü  Published Authors with out-of-print books who want to reissue their books.

ü  Published Authors whose publisher is not interested in their latest book. 



The 2021 Edition includes a wealth of information that every author must have including:


ü  Properly preparing a manuscript for publication.

ü  The services provided by over 30 POD publishers.

ü  A detailed comparison of the costs and benefits of these services that range from zero to $20,000.

ü  The costly services and marketing scams to avoid.

ü  The appropriate publishers for your book.

ü  Effectively utilizing social media and the Internet to market your book beyond your personal universe.


The 2021 Edition of How To Publish Now is available at: www.amazon.com. The U.S. retail price is $12.99 in book format and $2.99 in Kindle eBook format.









It's Sugar Time - The Gift that Saved Us from Castro

A daring and bizarre robbery of a sugar refinery payroll in the Queens Plaza subway station goes wrong for the perpetrators when two Cubans planning the same robbery get in on the action leaving the reader to wonder who got away with the money. 

This fictionalized version of an unsolved Long Island City payroll holdup takes place at the onset of the Cuban Sugar Embargo, when two officers on a ship carrying bulk sugar to a refinery in Long Island City planned their escape from the Castro regime.

Chicago 1968: Personal Reflections & Other Stories

Chicago 1968: Personal Reflections & Other Stories is a collection of short stories, both fact and fiction. Its lead story (one-fourth of the book) details the behind the scenes action from the perspective of a Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey operative of what really happened in Chicago during the tumultuous 1968 Democratic National Convention that nominated Humphrey.


Rendezvous in Rockefeller Center

A dramatic love story set in New York City and Charleston, South Carolina, that uncoils the mysteries of life, taking the reader from physical love to long-time separation, rediscovery, a startling revelation, forgiveness, and a possible second chance for redemption.

Moments of Truth

A revealing collection of over a hundred true and untold stories – a rich amalgam of people, places, and events involving the author and those who have crossed his path in life from U.S. Presidents to lunch with and advice from Lucky Luciano and closing bars with Peter Ustinov.

1954 Adventures in New York

In trouble in school, home, and on the streets, a young man with the help of friends struggles to find himself. It’s a journey, really an oftentimes zany adventure, to turn things around while dealing with the many temptations that New York City offered in 1954.

Lonely No More

The story, set in New York City’s colorful and constantly changing neighborhoods of Queens and Brooklyn, and the posh River House overlooking Sutton Place and the East River, links two desperate people, an alcoholic and a recovering addict in a story about police corruption and NYC’s emerging Eastern European mafia.

Altar Boy

Travel life’s arcs of a young New Yorker, who rejects the priesthood, becomes a devoted husband and father, and achieves professional success as a lawyer and judge until his happy life is dashed by his wife’s struggles with ALS and his rebellious granddaughter’s marriage into a crime family.

The Night Clerks

When an aspiring actress is murdered in New York City, a dedicated investigator exonerates her wrongfully accused lover, but before the case is cracked a leading suspect is killed. In the search for the killer the closet door of sexual orientation is opened and insensitively handled by the NYPD.

Slamming the Close

A Chinese temptress orchestrates murder and mayhem in a worldwide commodity scam.
This fast paced story of treachery, deceit, violence, and ruination begins when three cotton merchants conspire with Hong Kong and Beijing operatives and a corrupt Chinese government official to execute a plan to drive down the price of cotton.

Kitty's Rules

Sexual high jinks, mayhem, murder, and humor lace this fast-paced New York City thriller when a psychopathic sexual predator lures two NYPD Detectives into her controlling web as they achieve hero status in a deadly confrontation with a vicious leader of the Russian Mafia.

Dinner in Bordeaux

This thriller is forever current in today’s world where the fear of terror prevails. The story deals with realities of the post-9/11 viewed through the mindset of Muslim terrorist, their hatred for the ways of the West, and their ongoing effort to bring about change through radical measures.

Capitol Punishment

A prominent Washington lobbyist has the final say with Congressmen and Senators who have voted against him or taken advantage of their position with young women when he snuffs out their lives.

The Washington Post said “Capitol Punishment… is a murder mystery worth noting. The reason: It’s a deeply felt but rarely expressed fantasy held by thousands of professional influence peddlers.”