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Rendezvous in Rockefeller Center

Rendezvous in Rockefeller Center is a roller coaster love story set in New York City and Charleston, South Carolina. It uncoils the mysteries of life, love, and lost opportunity taking the reader from physical love, doubt, abandonment, and long-time separation to a startling revelation resulting in forgiveness, redemption and perhaps a second chance.

Young and in love in New York City, a young man tempers the sparks due to his doubt and insecurity. He abandons the relationship to serve in Vietnam and eventually to a self-absorbed life in the idyllic setting of Charleston, South Carolina. Despite his acquisition of wealth and a score of female relationships, he is unfulfilled.

A chance meeting in New York’s Penn Station by a mutual friend with the woman he loved but abandoned leads to their Rendezvous in Rockefeller Center. In their dramatic and touching meeting in this iconic location his life is repurposed by a strong woman’s revelations, proving that the past is always with us and can reengage our lives at any moment.