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Capitol Punishment

A prominent Washington lobbyist has the final say with Congressmen and Senators who have voted against him or taken advantage of their position with young women when he snuffs out their lives.

The Washington Post said “Capitol Punishment… is a murder mystery worth noting. The reason: It’s a deeply felt but rarely expressed fantasy held by thousands of professional influence peddlers.”

The story begins with a series of peculiar car accidents resulting in the deaths of activist Members of the U.S. House and Senate. The strange deaths stir the interest of a detective with the U.S. Park Police in Washington who perceives a connection to these seemingly random incidents in DC, Virginia, and California. The deaths continue to mount as this blue-collar sleuth mines the Washington fundraising scene attempting to connect a group of prominent lobbyist to the deaths. A liberal member of the House Ways & Means Committee is found dead of an apparent heart attack next to his car near his Capitol Hill town house after a strenuous tennis match, the Senate Majority Leader disappears in a snow storm on his Wyoming ranch, and the House Majority Leader is killed in an apparent hunting accident on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.