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The print and eBook versions of the 2021 Edition of How To Publish Now is a must read for new authors and established authors who desire to control their work and publish efficiently and expeditiously at minimal costs.


     The new edition covers over 30 Print on Demand (POD) publishers, which are reviewed and rated.  Writers are shown how to select the right publisher and are provided advice on using social media and the Internet to market their book.


     The updated analysis of the POD publishing world notes the significant industry changes in recent years including the rise of KDP, Amazon's free publishing arm, and the efforts of the remaining old-line publishers, led by Penguin Random House, to increase their share of the estimated two million self or independent titles expected to be published in 2021.  


     New authors learn how to professionally prepare their manuscripts for publication, and with more experienced authors, they are informed of the costs involved to publish, the services offered, including the unnecessary and costly services and marketing scams to avoid – some costing upwards of $15,000.


The 2021 Edition of How To Publish Now is a necessary book for:


ü  Unpublished authors with a manuscript ready for publication.

ü  Unpublished authors whose agent cannot find a publisher for their project.

ü  Published Authors with out-of-print books who want to reissue their books.

ü  Published Authors whose publisher is not interested in their latest book. 



The 2021 Edition includes a wealth of information that every author must have including:


ü  Properly preparing a manuscript for publication.

ü  The services provided by over 30 POD publishers.

ü  A detailed comparison of the costs and benefits of these services that range from zero to $20,000.

ü  The costly services and marketing scams to avoid.

ü  The appropriate publishers for your book.

ü  Effectively utilizing social media and the Internet to market your book beyond your personal universe.


The 2021 Edition of How To Publish Now is available at: www.amazon.com. The U.S. retail price is $12.99 in book format and $2.99 in Kindle eBook format.